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in personnel leasing

With many years of activity on the market, we have built a reputation as a reliable partner in the field of personnel management. Get to know us and find out how we can help you.


The company evo-servis sk s.r.o. is an important member of the LINTAR GROUP, which was established in 2021 in the Czech Republic by merging companies in several European countries

  • Slovakia

    evo-servis sk s.r.o., since 2017
    LINTAR SK s.r.o., since 2020
  • Czech Republic

    LINTAR GROUP s.r.o., since 2018
  • Poland

    Lintar PL Sp z o.o., since 2020
  • Hungary

    LINTAR CONSULTING Ltd., from 2023

Where do we operate?

  • We mainly focus on the production sector and our offer covers almost the entire Slovak Republic.
  • Also, through our sister companies in the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary, we can also meet the requirements of foreign partners.
  • Employees are carefully selected, have a very good work ethic and their work is highly valued.
  • Most of our employees come from the Ukrainian-Hungarian border, but we also employ Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, Indians and workers from other countries.

What do we offer you?

  • It includes everything from personnel consulting to selection, testing and subsequent recommendations of quality applicants.
  • Offer of employees in various professions (laborer, operator, administration, skilled trades up to middle management, especially in the following fields:
    • automotive industry
    • electronic and electrotechnical industry
    • consumer industry
    • food industry
    • pharmaceutical industry
    • construction
    • engineering industry
    • travel traffic and gastronomy
  • you save the time, energy and costs of your HR department, which are related to the entire selection process
  • you pay only in the case of a successful search and the start of a new employee
  • we provide a guarantee for the selected applicant for the first six months
  • the service does not end when the employee joins, we provide you with subsequent systematic care
  • It is temporary help wherever there is a need for a flexible workforce. We will provide you with workers when you are short of them, e.g. in peak season. We will take care of a qualified selection from among our employees, we will provide a complete personal and salary agenda. We will agree with you in advance the rate for performing the service
  • only as much manpower as you need
  • in the core state, you only keep key employees
  • complex recruitment of own personnel is eliminated
  • search, selection and training costs are zero
  • you no longer have to manage the payroll and personnel agenda
  • no labor costs, we charge as a service provided
  • You will no longer have to worry about firing employees
  • changing one worker for another is very fast
  • we provide accommodation and transport
  • we use the contract for the provision of services according to the laws of the Slovak Republic
  • continuous care of the provided staff by the coordinator

Choose the quality

  • We are a partner of EcoVadis
  • We have the EN ISO 9001:2015/STN
    EN ISO 9001:2016 certificate
  • Since 2023, we have been a member of the Association of Personnel Agencies and Facility Services
Through honest and responsible work, we contribute to successful comprehensive management and development of human resources, with a focus on compliance with all legislative processes.
Employees are employed in accordance with the Labor Code, under the same conditions as the core employees of the employer. We select only the most suitable candidates precisely according to the client's requirements.
Coordination of initial interviews and training, integration of temporarily assigned workers into the work process, and their supervision by a coordinator, provision of accommodation, meals, interpretation, etc.
Thanks to our own employee database, we can minimize the effort and time required for finding employees. Quick delivery of workers, prompt replacement in case of absence or dissatisfaction.

They rely on us..

We collaborate with a long list of satisfied clients who have utilized our services in the field of personnel management.