How do we work?

We provide workers from third countries as well as workers with a European passport. Mainly citizens of Ukraine and Hungary.


We register applicants in our database and, if necessary, we can contact them immediately.
We select only the most suitable candidates according to the client's requirements.
We provide applicants with information about the job offered and keep in constant contact with them.
We maintain our database in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.
Our recruitment centers are based in Ukraine and Hungary.


We provide selected applicants with information about the operation.
All obligations related to managing the personnel and payroll agenda are transferred to us.
If necessary, we will provide OSH training, PO and a medical examination.
Employees are employed within the meaning of the Code with the same conditions as regular employees of the employer.
We also manage the proper termination of the employment relationship in accordance with the Labor Code.

As part of our services, we provide

Coordinating the processes of further entrance interviews and training.
With the help of the workplace coordinator, we will ensure the inclusion of temporarily assigned workers in the work process.
ON-site service - regular visits of our coordinator on site.
Provision of transport and accommodation.
Interpretation into the mother tongue (Ukrainian and Hungarian).

What benefits will you receive from us?

Economic efficiency - ensures greater flexibility of the workforce.
Time variability - you use labor only when you really need it.
Time saving - there is no need to select CVs, search for candidates and conduct interviews.
Fast implementation - processing of the order within a few days to hours.
Operability - quick resolution of the employee's absence.
Cost item - our services are not a salary item.
Savings - mainly in the field of dispute resolution.
Termination of the project - flexibility in terminating the temporary assignment of a larger number of workers without the need for various measures related to mass layoffs.
Guarantee of service performed - fast delivery of workers, fast replacement in case of absence or dissatisfaction.

Questionnaire for clients

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Through honest and responsible work, we contribute to successful comprehensive management and development of human resources, with a focus on compliance with all legislative processes.
Employees are employed in accordance with the Labor Code, under the same conditions as the core employees of the employer. We select only the most suitable candidates precisely according to the client's requirements.
Coordination of initial interviews and training, integration of temporarily assigned workers into the work process, and their supervision by a coordinator, provision of accommodation, meals, interpretation, etc.
Thanks to our own employee database, we can minimize the effort and time required for finding employees. Quick delivery of workers, prompt replacement in case of absence or dissatisfaction.

They rely on us..

We collaborate with a long list of satisfied clients who have utilized our services in the field of personnel management.